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Slashy Souls

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. | Size: 48.57MB | Updated:03-3
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Why Wait? Die Today! Defeat Monsters, drink potions, and die on your own time in Slashy Souls. GameStop and Bandai Namco present, a free game inspired by the world of Dark Souls III. Play the hardest game ever, Slashy Souls. Wreak havoc on monstrous bosses of otherworldly horrors. Travel further than any other as you try desperately to cling to life. Challenge death to a battle of will and then claim your everlasting victory!
Beasts and abominations walk the land. Proceed bravely to the right and slay every foe that dare crosses your path. Grab power-ups to turn the table on your enemies and help you survive. Slashy Souls is the digital reminder that death comes for us all. Try as you might, you will not survive.
Feature list
* Challenging, Endless Gameplay
* Gorgeous Gothic Graphics
* Multiple Weapons to Wield
* Overwhelming Obstacles and Traps
* Magical Power-Ups to Smite your Adversaries
* Fierce Bosses to Eliminate
* A Variety of Achievements
* Leaderboards Just Waiting to be Climbed
* Epic Time Management Skills
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Slashy SoulsSlashy SoulsSlashy SoulsSlashy Souls

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