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Cowboy Hunter Western Bounty

Cowboy Hunter Western Bounty

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Kick Time Studios | Size: 51.4 MB | Updated:03-22
Howdy cowboy! Saddle up and go horse riding for a showdown in wild west frontier. Face your enemies, outlaw bandits and wicked gunslingers in hardcore shooting game. Join your rodeo friends in epic battle to protect western town.
Western Cowboy Hunter 3D Features:
Play deadly gun shooter missions with addictive gameplay
Explore enormous map including railway station, gold tunnel & old village
Purchase fastest and ruthless cowboys, more to come
Realistic wild frontier locations and epic midday shootout
Cowboy Hunter Western Bounty is no ordinary rodeo adventure to grow ranch or maintain a stable. It is war against violent townsfolk and lawless posse who lurk in the shadow and kill townspeople to collect bounties. Maintain your marksmen prestige in dueling against filthy scum. Keep revolver steady and always prepared for shooting gun without any heads up. Ride horse to abandoned outpost and kill most wanted robbers chief before he escapes. You don't need a sidekick partner to shoot the master who is wanted dead or alive. Use knuckle force if you have to stop bad cowboys from smuggling black gold and money in form of weapons in wild west point.
Cowboy Hunter Western Bounty revolves around the life of a old cowboy who used to be a sheriff for good reasons. Soon he realized that it is time for sheriff to retire and become a bounty hunter. Give up your badge & holster to buy a double barrel shotgun. Prepare the cowboy horseback of your mustang stallion and start riding horse when it is high noon. Bang outlaws gang and build reputation of a deadly gunslinger with best shooting accuracy. Collect your ammo from salon, grab revolver and visit your old town in Western Arizona desert to shoot out heinous scum. In a duel against cowboy foes hold the trigger close and reload chamber after firing six bullets.
Download Cowboy Hunter Western Bounty 3D game and enjoy action packed gameplay with endless shooting adventures in western frontier.

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Cowboy Hunter Western BountyCowboy Hunter Western BountyCowboy Hunter Western BountyCowboy Hunter Western BountyCowboy Hunter Western BountyCowboy Hunter Western BountyCowboy Hunter Western Bounty

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