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Orbitarium: Galaxy Recon

Orbitarium: Galaxy Recon

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.2
Developer: Naked Quasar | Size: 45.69MB | Updated:05-11
Join the Space force and build the ship of your dreams. Discover the hidden Universe and fight for human future!
Prove your commander skills and build your way to the stars! Orbitarium is a space combat game that has been waiting for a skilled pilot to bring us to the victory! Join the United Space Forces and fight the evil aliens for the future of humanity.

* Space action RPG game with a immersive gameplay

* Cutting-edge interface, delivering stunning space imagery

* Transform your fleet with numerous upgrades

* Fight hostile aliens around the stars

* Climb ranks and compete players scores worldwide

* Nebulas, Quasars, Wormholes, discover the beauty of deep space
In the year 2162, a human space probe discovered a mysterious energy source around the Adhil star system in Andromeda constellation. Remnants of an ancient civilization with enormous power, a chance for the humanity to perform a huge technical jump in his history. You, the most promising pilot of the academy, will get the chance to prove your skills and command the most performant ships of the earth to discover the unknown. It won't be easy though, you'll need to marshall all your forces and employ a variety of strategies to repel those who wish to eradicate you. You will write the history, a new era for humans.

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Orbitarium: Galaxy ReconOrbitarium: Galaxy ReconOrbitarium: Galaxy ReconOrbitarium: Galaxy ReconOrbitarium: Galaxy Recon

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