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Ground Operation

Ground Operation

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.6
Developer: FoxForce Games | Size: 94.31MB | Updated:05-11
Features are:
- "Campaign" mode - a set of missions connected with story.
- "Arena" mode - Capture The Flag and Control Points - team matches with bots ( single player mode ).
- Boss fights
- Fight a variety of enemies: from soldiers and missile boats to helicopters and giant battle robots.
- Buy new cars and upgrade their capabilities.
- Use cool powerups: "Super Damage", "Force Field", "Sentry Gun" and others
- In "Arena" game mode assemble your team and manage it's behaviour.
- Find the Hippie Van to trade hidden guns, bonuses and powerups.
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Ground OperationGround OperationGround OperationGround OperationGround Operation

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