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Escape Universe: Space Beyond

Escape Universe: Space Beyond

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Cat-astrophe Games | Size: 17.5MB | Updated:08-2
The war with mechanic beasts left humans scattered across the universe. Now the aliens, pirates and scavengers travel through the space, fighting for every scrap of metal they can find. A lone survivor flies, fighting, and dreaming about... ESCAPE FROM THE UNIVERSE!
"Escape Universe: Space Beyond" is an action shooter in an outer space with an incredible randomized storyline.
* Grim hard science-fiction universe.
* The space is full of dangerous enemies and traps. Can you escape them?
* Many exciting main plots, randomized with many options and twists. Mixed with countless quests. Infinite replayability.
* You make choices that will affect the future iterations of the Universe!
* Dreadful minimalistic graphics. Colors have meaning!
* 2D, with a tiny bit of 3D. Will you dare to uncover the secrets of the deformed alien artifacts floating in space?
* Sometimes flying faster and avoiding the enemies is the best strategy!
* Sometimes you need to demolish your enemies, till they give up. Do not escape!
* Gun and armor upgrades that change the gameplay dramatically. Be sure to get them when the difficulty raises!
* Fight with different factions of enemies: pirates, spider-like aliens, crab mechanical aliens, alien flies... All adjusted to the storyline and quest.
* Powerful bosses. Connected with factions, all of them have special attacks and a couple of variations. You will never defeat them all!
* Catch the enemies, as they try to escape, shooting at you and maneuvering you into the deadly traps.
* Step out from your ship for a little walk in space, and speak with the aliens using your trusty hand blaster!
* The game is very light on resources. It will work on every device, phone or tablet. Yet you will be amazed how rich is the universe inside!
* The game runs offline without any problems.
* Optionally connect with Google Play Games to get achievements and to synchronize your game state across multiple devices.
* Feel the loneliness of the outer space.

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Escape Universe: Space BeyondEscape Universe: Space BeyondEscape Universe: Space BeyondEscape Universe: Space BeyondEscape Universe: Space Beyond

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