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Glitter Tentacle

Glitter Tentacle

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Jun MOCHIZUKI | Size: 22.99MB | Updated:08-7
Crash all of meteors and dodge them beautifully!!
Can you find all space pearls!?
- How to play -
1. Octopus shoots
2. meteor explodes
3. Space sea urchins come
4. find space pearls
5. you have a good time!!
- caution -
shooting bullet, the Octopus moves back as result of reaction. This is the Newton's third law in the space. You have to use it well and fight.
(suzuran works)

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Glitter TentacleGlitter TentacleGlitter TentacleGlitter TentacleGlitter Tentacle

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