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Dead Arena: Strike Sniper

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.12
Developer: G2 Studio | Size: 59.6MB | Updated:09-6
You love online shooting games ?
You still wanna playing shooting games when you are outside and have no any PC ?
You wanna challenge your friends and other people from over the world ?
Dead Arena: Strike Sniper is your best choice !
G2 Studio proudly presents Dead Arena: Strike Sniper - an interesting 2D Online Shooting Game.
In a new land with nothing but chaos of warfare and death. People was born to become snipers to fight. They don't show the enemy their tolerance, The Snipers know the only result is death. They have to fight to protect their land and justice from terrorists. To eliminate all the terrorists, you need to practice your skills, power up your statistics and army
In this 2D online shooting game (FPS), use your left hand to control your hero (sniper) direction (left, right .... ) and use your right hands to user buttons: Jump, shoot .... Sometimes when you have to find the assistance to keep your health bar full, and find cartridges to reload your gun. There are some assistance for you to use in some critical situations like: invulnerable mode (other sniper can not shoot you), grenades, rifle .... In addition, try to keep calm in critical situations
In this game mode, you will be lost in a real war. Your role is to fight to the death with other snipers coming from all over the world. You can play with your friends or random people all over the world in this mode. Aim, Shoot, and headshot, eliminate everywhere on your smartphone and don't let other snipers' bullets eliminate your body.
If you do not have the internet connection, you can play Single Player Mode. In addition, you can be trained and practice playing yourself to perfect your skills. Let's practice to aim terrorists and get headshots, trickshots by your excellent skills. Get ready for real battlefield fights
★ Multiplayer and Single Player Modes
★ Realistic modern graphics and sound effects
★ 2D online shooting gameplay, you can challenge other shooters everywhere
★ Endless and challenging battlefield
★ Exclusive modern items: Shortgun, Ak47, Rifle, grenades, Blaze Dragon Blade, M98, Rifle...
★ Improve your statistics (strength, weapons) to gain huge buffs and have more trickshots
★ Learn talented assassin (shooter) to customize the way you fight. Let's eliminate all other terrorists and become the best sniper in your assassin team.
★ Use your perfect skills to cooperate with other snipers (or your friends in assassin team) to eliminate the epic bosses in fatal combat
Download Dead Arena- 2D shooting game to play and get free modern guns for new snipers
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Dead Arena: Strike SniperDead Arena: Strike SniperDead Arena: Strike SniperDead Arena: Strike SniperDead Arena: Strike Sniper

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