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Starfight Arena (Early Access)

Starfight Arena (Early Access)

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: EcoTech | Size: 90.5MB | Updated:06-5
Starfight Arena is a multiplayer space action with a smooth shooter-like controls. Lots of explosions, pure dynamics and tactics wrapped in the shell of a classic action shooting game.
- Choose your ship, guns, offensive and defensive skills to build your own killing machine,
- Engaging & fun gameplay: no boring tutorials and slow-paced fights&flights. Just take off to rush enemies and spray'em to death,
- Deep customization options: make your ship unique with custom paint job and camo,
- Fast and breathtaking multiplayer sessions (quick play).
Here are some features for the full version:
- Open space, asteroid fields, orbital station hallways, battlecruiser interior and lots of various locations to explore and fight at,
- Ratings and medals system,
- Special events,
- Multiple game modes: PvE missions, team matches, king of the hill and stargate defence,
- Customization: do you want some new skins, stickers and your nickname printed onboard?
- Many spaceships,
- Many abilities,
- Many new guns.

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Starfight Arena (Early Access)Starfight Arena (Early Access)Starfight Arena (Early Access)Starfight Arena (Early Access)Starfight Arena (Early Access)Starfight Arena (Early Access)

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