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Torchlight Mobile

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.3
Developer: GAMOTA INC | Size: 49MB | Updated:09-16
"Best MMO Game Mobile" at E3 2015 - US
"Best Mobile Game" Reviewed by ComputerBild.de at Gamescom 2015 - Germany
"Game Mobile / Tablet Best" at Game Connection 2015 - France
Known as an action RPG world's best ARPG style Diablo, Torchlight was developed by Runic Mobile Game - father of the legendary game series I and II Torchlight on PC. The project is run by Max Schaefer - a former vice president of Blizzard North, is the author of the classic Diablo games.
Built a miniature paintings, Torchlight Mobile recreate fanciful world with platform 3D graphics full of sharp, keeps the whole air tight guillotine GMO according to European style inherent but hidden feelings slightly ma melancholy and full of mysterious hit the curiosity that is oriented titles. With 4 character classes and how to build a diverse character must Torchlight Mobile will satisfy the most demanding gamers.
Like the PC version, Torchlight Mobile focused on exploring and conquering different dungeons. Each screen play are really difficult and challenging as always appears the tough Boss. To defeat them, players need to team up with different character classes and make plans to fight. Not alone, in-game pet system is also extremely rich for the players more choice like the best companion.
Add a special element can not be ignored in order to make up the difference for Torchlight Mobile: players can create their own skill chain to cast many different effects in damage. That's how players create their style of Torchlight Mobile.
Meet the expectations of gamers Vietnam, Torchlight Gamota Mobile was released exclusively in Vietnam market, promising gamers bring unique experience and the best.
++ Class 4 new characters never before in Vietnam, more than 100 ways to build different characters
++ Hundreds supplement, thrilling plot, charismatic
++ PET systems are extremely diverse and abundant skills
++ 500-storey tower originated with challenging and attractive gifts
++ Battlefield System Ash stayed with the competition category as Moba, robbed Boss ....
Hunting BOSS ++ world, find treasure mystery, founded Team explores Tower
++ Many extremely exciting mini games: Pedal spiders, pacman ..
Just ++ varied combat system: PK 1vs1, PK PET, GUILD war, arena Champion
- Home: http://tl.gamota.com
- Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/torchlightgamota
- Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/torchlightgamota
- Hotline: 1900 6855

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Torchlight MobileTorchlight MobileTorchlight MobileTorchlight MobileTorchlight Mobile

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