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Metal Defender: Battle Of Fire

Metal Defender: Battle Of Fire

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: GemaTelescop | Size: 65.8MB | Updated:09-21
Dr. Unk has been successful with his experiments in a project that could turn out to be an energy revolution, but his success makes his lab become the target for the bad people.
Their target is the gem of infinite energy that contains tremendous power, they want to use that project to become the most powerful lords in the world.
And the darkness has finally come, the shots are fired, the warfare has begun, and if it does not end soon, it will spread worldwide. They are angry, and they hired suicide squad to attack anything on their way, the lab like a frontier post which them want attack
Your team is hired to protect the project, but unfortunately, all of your team soldiers have been shot classified down, All the rest are just Dogtags of your squads, now you are the last defender. You are a lone ranger with the mission to stop the conspiracies of dictators. Holding on squads's Dogtags, you enter the battle.
The metal shields have been raised, it's time to strike back.
Enemies used genetically modified technology to create more powerful soldiers to get this power, but they inadvertently created mini monsters instead, the warfare grows intensely, and many mini monsters, mutant slugs are pouring in. Genetically modified technology has turned them into zombies. Swat force was fall down by them.
New energy source of the technological age with super terror power, it can turn the earth into ice ages because Its destruction is stronger than nuclear warfare. The world will move to age of evolution, change of genes and age of zombies, mutant slugs and Joyrides
The city is like a swamp when chemical warfare occurs, They attack the Swart Force of the city, rob Swat's arsenal of weapons, turn Swat Force into Zombies Force, people break to a run. The radiation-infected swamp causes a zombie epidemic, mutated slugs and Joyrides from the wamp massively attacked, the lab like a frontier post which Jetpack enermies want attack but They were dead failure when met the defense of The Last Soldier.
You are called the last soldier, a man of skill and dash, your duty is protect the new energy. the fence runs round the lab like a frontier line, duty call you, the country call you, now go ahead, look ahead, dash into and shot dead any Joyride enemies near the lab, don't let cross the frontier line.
The mutant slugs, zombies from the chemical swamp attack non-stop but you was dead against, dash into and ahead of all and revenge for your squad. they run for one's life and keep the Jetpack enemies on the run.
Metal Defender is a free game, and it could be classified into defense, action, strategy genres. Currently, the game has 4 Episodes with 80 levels, and it will be expanded nonstop. Daily Mission System with high-level challenges can help you earn money to upgrade your arsenal. Now, go ahead!
If you are fan of Jetpack or Joyride , then you will like Metal Defender with many types of gun such as the, six shooter, mini Jetpack, dead gun, super gun, ...
Many items supports defense such as mini bomb, super dash, super defense, ... would help you overcome the game with less efforts or call for help from Swat Force.
Diverse number of enemies with comical style.
Let's protect your lab and have some fun after a long day at work!
- Shooter taps the screen to shoot.
- Drag and drop the explosives onto enemies.
- Shooter can change weapons during the action.
- Shooter Upgrade and equip weapons in shop.
This app contains:
- Contextual advertising.
- The option to make in-app purchases.
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/GemaTelescop-1938844089682538/

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Metal Defender: Battle Of FireMetal Defender: Battle Of FireMetal Defender: Battle Of FireMetal Defender: Battle Of FireMetal Defender: Battle Of FireMetal Defender: Battle Of Fire

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