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Project H.O.R.D.E (Beta)

Project H.O.R.D.E (Beta)

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 3.28
Developer: MAGES Institute of Excellence | Size: 86.76MB | Updated:10-4
Project H.O.R.D.E is an online multiplayer third-person shooter played from an isometric view. It has a strong emphasis on cooperative play and can be played online by up to four friends. You play as a squad of Space Marines, marooned aboard a derelict Space Station occupied by alien hordes. To survive, you and your team must carefully manage the stations power reserves by diverting energy to either defense systems or life support.
This project was done by students of MAGES Institute of Excellence, Singapore.
Visit us @ http://www.mages.edu.sg

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Project H.O.R.D.E (Beta) Screenshots

Project H.O.R.D.E (Beta)Project H.O.R.D.E (Beta)Project H.O.R.D.E (Beta)Project H.O.R.D.E (Beta)Project H.O.R.D.E (Beta)Project H.O.R.D.E (Beta)

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