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Destiny Warfare (Unreleased)

Destiny Warfare (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Game development ltd | Size: 66.47MB | Updated:12-27
Multiplayer shooter in the first person in the science fiction genre!
The actions of the game take place in the distant future, when mankind has experienced the decline of its technological development and the world is mired in interplanetary space wars!
Players will have to fight in command PvP battles for such classes as Pilot, Titan and Tank! Each of the classes has its pros and cons.

Some features:

❖ Armament:
In the game, available different types of weapons, from assault and plasma rifles to laser machine guns! Each weapon has its own unique features and properties.

❖ Material interaction
Low gravity allows players to jump high and far, also the global gravity affects the running speed!

❖ Fantastic 3D graphics:
Excellent traced 3D models of characters and maps.

❖ Optimization for weak devices:
The game is optimized for devices with low technical characteristics, there is a choice of graphics for different phones!

❖ Easy operation:
Intuitive control and easy interface will not make you get used to the game for a long time!

Dear users, the game is still in beta testing. Request to report all bugs, bugs found, as well as wishes in support of or in the VC group.

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Destiny Warfare (Unreleased)Destiny Warfare (Unreleased)Destiny Warfare (Unreleased)Destiny Warfare (Unreleased)Destiny Warfare (Unreleased)

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