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Last Fire Survival: Battleground

Last Fire Survival: Battleground

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.3.0
Developer: Elex | Size: 97.64MB | Updated:02-2
Last Fire Survival: Battleground is a global online real-time showdown shooter made for mobile. The game simulates a real free-for-all battle environment with convenient third-person POV controls. Each match has 60 players competing in real time, either solo or in teams, to be the last survivor and win the round.

Realistic Weapons System
Kar98k, M4, SCAR-L, frying pans… a rich assortment of items, all accurately recreated. Dozens of weapons, each with their own unique capabilities, provide for a thrilling battle experience.

Unique “Bird’s Eye View” Shooter
Worry no more about typical dizzying, disorienting, and stuttering 3D shooter games! Oversee the game from a bird’s eye view and enjoy the charms of a shooter game with none of the headaches.

Fair Fight for Chicken Dinner
Everyone parachutes in empty-handed and competes for survival against other players. Everyone has a shot at becoming #1!

Special Vehicles to Spice Up Matches
Aside from regular cars, there are also all kinds of other vehicles like UAZ and 99A2 tanks, Apache helicopters, and other special vehicles that will be thrown into the match at certain times, making every match that much more intense.

Deserted Island Exploration
Explore a 2kmx2km map with multiple scenic elements and all kinds of buildings. As the safe zone shrinks under the randomly encroaching poison fog, each game gets fresher and more exciting than the last.

You don’t need a smartphone with flagship specs to enjoy the thrill of a survival shooter!

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Last Fire Survival: BattlegroundLast Fire Survival: BattlegroundLast Fire Survival: BattlegroundLast Fire Survival: Battleground

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