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Panda Power (Unreleased)

Panda Power (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 0.94
Developer: RedFish Games | Size: 28.58MB | Updated:02-7
Help! Stars fly away from the lighthouse! The Panda Land is in darkness! Are you brave enough to help Panda Man Four?

Panda Power is an innovative platform game that combines Story Mode with Edit Mode. Jump and run with Panda Man Four in the various mysterious lands through multiple exciting difficulty levels!

It's a beautiful night in Panda Land. Panda Master and Panda Man Four ( RED, WHITE, YELLOW, BLUE) are enjoying the stars. But suddenly the stars fly away and darkness cover the sky. Panda Master tells Panda Man Four, ”Go and get back the stars as soon as possible. It is your mission to make the Panda Land become brighten again! But be careful, as there are things that can injure you severely...”
Now it is Panda Man Four's task to find the stars. Help them defeat the nasty things in this beautiful journey. Jump and run through Panda Power and enjoy yourself on different terrific, wonderfully designed worlds with multiple levels.

You can run, but you can't hide. When the evil things catch you, it is game over. Are you prepared to take on this challenge? Let’s GO!

Panda Power stands out with:

+ 2 Game Play options
*Story Mode--Choose a scene to challenge yourself
*Edit Mode--Catch people's eyes with your unique DIY maps
+ 2 Game Mode options--Normal Mode & Hard Mode
+ Unlock cool new Characters--Red, White, Yellow, Blue
+ Explore various mysterious lands with difficulty levels
+ Compare your progress with that of your friends on Facebook
+ Classic platform game style with modern playability
+ Wonderful animations and game graphics

Join us on the Panda Power Facebook Page:

We hope you enjoy the game.
Have fun!! :)

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Panda Power (Unreleased)Panda Power (Unreleased)Panda Power (Unreleased)Panda Power (Unreleased)Panda Power (Unreleased)

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