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Color Defense - Tower Defense TD (Unreleased)

Color Defense - Tower Defense TD (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.1
Developer: McPeppergames | Size: 68.29MB | Updated:02-11
Get the # 1 action strategy game! "Color Defense" is the ultimate game for both casual players and strategy action fans! A unique TD gaming experience and all content is completely free to play!

"Color Defense" has been optimized for all Android devices, supports the latest operating system as different screen solutions and HD graphics. Play this unique Tower Defense hit now totally for free! All content is f2p and free to play!

The new and unique TD action casual clicker game is the ideal companion as it has no entry barriers and is perfect for short game sessions but also for hours of strategic action tactics.

Visit the official website of the game at www.ColorDefense.com for even more information, videos, contests and much more from the exciting world of "Color Defense".

Your task in "Color Defense" is to place unique defense mechanisms to prevent colored creeps from reaching and destroying a reactor. Every defense mechanism has unique capabilities. You'll need to use your puzzle skills as well as your strategy skills to reach the goal.
A nine-step tutorial will take you through all the important facilities so that you are well prepared.

"Color Defense" can be played as a casual game, idle clicker game but also offers an exciting science fiction background story. Your own fantasy will make this new Tower Defense game epic.

Please note:
We will regularly expand the playable geo space worlds and at the same time continue the exciting science fiction background story. If you like the game, support us by rating the TD game in the store. This greatly supports us in the rapid development of new content like levels, enemies, weapons, strike action and more for color defense.
If you don't like the game and want to send us feedback, please do not rate the game in the store but instead send us your feedback directly to:
[email protected] so we can consider it for the next game updates.

The game is using our unique smart placement technology. The smart placement technology automatically prevents false geo placement above movement paths or other defender systems. This is very unique and gamer love the resulting fast intuitive weapon placements during the hot action.

• Play all content completely for free without spending any money!
• Optimized for all new devices and the new operating system!
• Supports the Google Play Game Services!
• Collect various Google Play Game Servicestrophies!
• Contains our unique smart placement technology!
• Universal HD Game for both phones and tablets!
• Optional fascinating science fiction backstory!
• Meditative experience with lots of puzzle elements and strategy!
• Great graphics, music and sound effects!
• Voice output for an even better gaming experience!

Puzzle friends will love the game because you have to think where to place your defenders while working towards the best strategy to keep the upcoming kingdom creeps away from the nuclear reactor core.
Casual players will love the f2p alien attack game because you can play fast game sessions wherever you are and even if you just have a few minutes left to play. This makes "Color Defense" the ideal companion on the train or bus or wherever you have to wait.
Strategy and action fans will love the alien rush free Tower Defence game because of it's best possible game design which will bring you directly into the action.

Because we show now real violence the game also is perfect for kids and family.

Even tap tap idle clicker and tycoon games players will love the game because of the endless clicking action and idle actions in the clicker parts of the tap game.

The unique flat color design was optimized to give players the best and ultimate TD Tower Defense experience possible.

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Your McPeppergames team

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Color Defense - Tower Defense TD (Unreleased)Color Defense - Tower Defense TD (Unreleased)Color Defense - Tower Defense TD (Unreleased)Color Defense - Tower Defense TD (Unreleased)Color Defense - Tower Defense TD (Unreleased)

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