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Rise Of The Fallen

Rise Of The Fallen

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.050
Developer: PIXELPIMPS CORP. | Size: 33.39MB | Updated:07-8
- Fight 1on1 against bionically engineered opponents to recover your past memories and find out where you originally belong
- Go online, and challenge your friends or users real-time and show your supremacy
- Keep on training yourself against various types of A.I.s to master the moves
- Study your enemy and react quick to defeat whoever you come across

We are at the very last stage of our final test and we need you to end this.
The world of [Rise of the Fallen] will endlessly expand over the live service with regular updates.

You think you can survive in this world?
Connect online, and be the best of your kind.
Prove that you are worth living.

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Rise Of The FallenRise Of The FallenRise Of The FallenRise Of The FallenRise Of The Fallen

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