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Neon Noir - Mobile Arcade Shooter

Neon Noir - Mobile Arcade Shooter

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.1.0
Developer: Cavylabs | Size: 99.73MB | Updated:07-20
Neon Noir is a fast paced mobile arcade shooter set in a nightclub.

The game puts players in the shoes of an action hero, allowing them to live and experience the thrill of a stylish cinematic firefight.

It also features an original gameplay, built from the ground up for touchscreen devices, that is extremely accessible - supporting even single-handed play - and yet, at the same time, surprisingly challenging to master.

In this shooter game, you have to keep moving in order to avoid being killed. The more you stay still, the bigger are the chances of getting shot.

Kill the enemies by tapping them on the screen. Don’t miss a shot and earn arcade style combo points for each consecutive enemy you kill.

Enemies also have different ranks and skills. Avoid getting too exposed near highly skilled opponents, and shoot them as fast as you can.

Use the vault and clock button to divert your foes and survive. Objects you can vault will be highlighted in green when the player is nearby. The clock, in the other hand, will slow down time and can be used when the gauge is fully charged.


☆ Pure action - no waiting for bars to fill up, all you'll have to manage is your ammo!

☆ Ergonomic controls - your mobile device is designed to be used everywhere, so is this game.

☆ Accessible gameplay - not a gamer? Not a problem. If you can use Facebook on your phone, you have what it takes to play.

☆ Single-handed support - with Neon Noir, you don't have to choose between playing and not risk faceplanting on your commute. Play using only one hand and use the other for whatever else you need.

☆ Highly replayable - games are at their best when their experiences are fresh. Our gameplay is highly emergent. No two matches are alike.

☆ Stylish graphics - a low poly 3d style and a noir color palette set the artistic tone of the game

☆ Leaderboards and Ranking System - How about challenging your friends and showing who's the best?

Do you think you have what it takes?

For any questions related to Neon Noir, please leave us a message on [email protected] !

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Neon Noir - Mobile Arcade ShooterNeon Noir - Mobile Arcade ShooterNeon Noir - Mobile Arcade ShooterNeon Noir - Mobile Arcade ShooterNeon Noir - Mobile Arcade Shooter

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