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Battle Instinct

Battle Instinct

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.4.15
Developer: Deus Craft | Size: 29.32MB | Updated:11-10
The royal battle will never end! Battle Instinct awaits its winners.

Give freedom to your combat instinct along with the new royal battle Battle Instinct.

Are you ready? The task is simple, choose the landing point, look around, you will find a weapon without problems, do not forget the body armor and grenades. Be attentive, there are 49 more armed thugs next to you. None of them wants to die. In any case, not today.

Carefully inspect the buildings, they have a lot of ammunition and various weapons. Take the point of fire on the roofs, ambush in the bushes, fight for the drops, they have a lot of interesting things. And often look back fighter, death is on your trail!

Key features of the game:

1. The royal battle in Battle Instinct became more interesting and acquired RPG elements. Choose three unique perks before each fight to gain an advantage.

2. Your appearance now affects gameplay. Each of the seven seven combat suits gives you one or more reinforcing perks.

3. Three-dimensional map, modern 3D graphics, convenient mobile management for confident playing in a multiplayer match for 50 players.

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Battle InstinctBattle InstinctBattle InstinctBattle InstinctBattle InstinctBattle Instinct

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