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1965 WAR: Indo-Pak Clash Alert

1965 WAR: Indo-Pak Clash Alert

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.04
Developer: Logflip Networks FZE | Size: 34.09MB | Updated:05-7
About the Game -
One feels energetic about war front having a will to be in the army. 1965-WAR Game let players live their dreams of battling action in 3D. Missions are led by the player played against either India or Pakistan.
For a player to defend or to attack, it is important to maintain the spirit of fighting against enemies. Only when the missions are accomplished, a player improves with ranking and individual powers unlocking more from the WAR-Store.
Feel the action:
An action packed third person shooter game having blasts on the go.
Gamers experience intense battle with armies exchanging guns and tank action.
Revive your experience of battle fighting, raising your adrenaline rush viz. sniper shooting.
Gaming modes:
March through the Campaign (mode) or take up a Challenge (mode).
A campaign mode offers mysterious missions distributed among five intensified levels.
When down with energy or badly wounded, switch to challenge mode to earn your meal.
Earn coins; buy medical kit, ammunitions and war dresses: a lot more into the WAR-Store.
Now plunge into stunning environments inspired from the real war situations. A player encounters different geographical terrains ranging from desert scenery to deep forests. Gamers will experience different climate conditions, making the mission difficult to channel out.
Buy your favorite weapon:
One can buy classic weapons like guns, bazooka, hand grenade, air strike from WAR-Store.
During tank fights, purchase shields to protect your tanks from being destroyed.
Win rewards and medals:
Take on the daily challenge and win added rewards like hand grenade, medical kit, coins etc.
Medals are allotted to gamers leading in their positions.
Experience the 3D Game of power, strength, courage and energy. Download the game from the Google Play Store and be a part of a mission protecting your nation against invaders. The ultimate objective of fighting is to perform battle operations with free spirit. Celebrate victories, brave deeds and unsullied colors of heroism and triumph. Serve your team with the never dying spirit: "Victory is your survival; survival is your victory".
Download 1965-WAR game for free to play.
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1965 WAR: Indo-Pak Clash Alert1965 WAR: Indo-Pak Clash Alert1965 WAR: Indo-Pak Clash Alert1965 WAR: Indo-Pak Clash Alert1965 WAR: Indo-Pak Clash Alert1965 WAR: Indo-Pak Clash Alert

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