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The Silent Dark - Horror Game

The Silent Dark - Horror Game

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.9.3
Developer: Upfront Applications | Size: 44.8 MB | Updated:05-10
Experience the first person survival horror game which includes amazing puzzles.
If you like Slender, you'll like it too.Search an old, abandoned house and collect any valuables but be careful - there are rumors of a ghost haunting the building.
☠ Experience fear and deep horrifying atmosphere.
☠ Extremely addictive horror game.
☠ Scariest game you have ever seen in Android.
☠ Creepy and spooky atmosphere.
☠ Hardest Game with enigmatic puzzles.
☠ You have never played creepy paranormal stories like this.
☠ You have never played a indie game like The Silent Dark.
☠ Not like other indie horrors.
☠ You will see the origin of Exorcist.
☠ You can't open your eyes when you playing The Silent Dark.
☠ Its the spot for mans.
☠ Fear is behind you.
☠ Hold your device carefully because it may fall down!
☠ An Android game like nothing else you have seen on the format to date.
☠ It is gripping,atmospheric and elegantly designed horror game.
☠ For the best experience recommended to play in dark with headphones.
☠ The game is based on a true story.You must live that realistic and true story as a head actor.
☠ Smooth controls with touch pads.
☠ Real creepy stories
☠ Amazing atmosphere.
☠ Long gameplay.
☠ Realistic models and true based story.
☠ Big maps.
☠ Auto save function.
☠ Amazing puzzles to solve.
☠ Hard mazes.
☠ Fantastical pick up and play design.
☠ Easy to start, hard to put down the secrets of The Silent Dark
☠ When you skip the intro you are in the garden.
☠ In the garden you must find the wrench.
☠ When you find the wrench you have to walk around and find a large gate which is going to the Haunted Manor.
☠ You have to solve maze.
☠ When you solve the maze you must knock the manor's door and you are now in.
☠ Main Story begins in the haunted manor.You will we scared.

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The Silent Dark - Horror GameThe Silent Dark - Horror GameThe Silent Dark - Horror GameThe Silent Dark - Horror GameThe Silent Dark - Horror Game

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