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Gunner Of Dungeon

Gunner Of Dungeon

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.3
Developer: ToppingGames | Size: 50.36MB | Updated:05-10
1. If sinkeon Challenge!
Auto-Battle stereotypical Go!
This control only constant is the way to live!
"Gunner Of Dungeon" is possessed want your control!
2. There is no difficult than the boss!
You can taste the tension from the Boss Action Shooting slightest mistake is not tolerated!
3. Do not ignore small!
The three characters with different personalities and skills and fight monsters.
Do not ignore small!
4. The upgrade price is different!
Add your details to your preference divided stats! I'm obviously stronger!
5. Nada is the best sinkeon!
Please try later stage through an endless challenge mode sinkeon ranking!
1 deunghal map you never know!
6. Support the tablet.
★ Notice ★
1. The mobile handset replacement or the application
The data is deleted during initialization.
2. The part of the goods paid items and game money
The payment function is included. Paid items and parts
The actual charge is generated when haohni money to pay for the game
Please note that advantage.

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Gunner Of DungeonGunner Of DungeonGunner Of DungeonGunner Of DungeonGunner Of DungeonGunner Of Dungeon

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