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Assassins Quest

Assassins Quest

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 2.0
Developer: The KonungArt studio | Size: 23.5MB | Updated:05-23
Help super assasin warrior to save his girlfriend from mighty fantasy Mafia bosses and their monstrous guards!
Assassins Quest is a danger-filled adventure game, where the hero set out on a journey to save his lovely princess, who is kidnapped by evil creatures. She is in a great peril and you're on a mission to rescue her. Birds don't mean to be caged - their feathers are too bright.
Uncertain of his bride's fate, our soldier enters dungeon, filled with labyrinths of horror. Explore the dark, disturbing, but eerie beautiful world in Assassins Quest.
After the first fight in the maze you might think your quest is easy, but go further - can you find all the clues, collect all the gems and save the princess? But first - can you escape?
Find use for your sword! You are surrounded by contract killers who were hired by your ancient enemy. He wants to revenge. He wants to spill somebody's blood. Find your creed to save yourself and your love!
Beautiful princesses are made for involving heroes into battles, like they are burdened with glorious purpose of bad things happening. Your pretty lady was born with royal power and the kingdom full of gold, and now her people suffer from conquerors clashes for the throne. Work out what tasks need to be completed next and forge your own path through this unique adventure to rebuild the beautiful idyll!
Don't miss a chance to become a hero of the royal saga with the game Assassins Quest.

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Assassins QuestAssassins QuestAssassins QuestAssassins QuestAssassins QuestAssassins Quest

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