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Star Fighter 3001 Pro

Star Fighter 3001 Pro

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.13
Developer: JustTapGame | Size: 21.7MB | Updated:05-26
Star Fighter 3001 Pro - Unlocked all fighters!
In AD 3001, the Earth receives signals from a set of combat alien civilization. Earth Federation decided to send a reconnaissance team, investigating the case of alien forces. To fight the alien threat, the World Alliance bring forth their ultimate weapon, the Star Fighter. Equipped with weapons such as the Lock-on Laser, Spread Shot, missiles and bombs, the Star Fighter is the Earth's only shot at defeating the invaders. To accomplish this task, you must have the courage and wisdom.
Play now, you can do it!
The Star Fighter 3001, Rich scenes & fighter world, Simple and excellent! The Star Fighter 3001 is a fast fighter game, seven different scenes, charming sound and music, with HD graphics and special game play. Press screen to move, destroy enemies in your adventure!
* Multi controls: switch between tilt and touch controls.
* 5 different weapons: Spread Shot, Tracking Missiles, Directed Missiles ,The Laser and Lock-on Laser. Each weapon also has the ability to perform unique super-charged attacks.
* 3 difficulty levels, each with an individual leaderboard.
* 7 challenging levels spanning from the Earth to outer space.
* 20 different enemy types, 3 different precious stones.
* 7 Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations.
* Amazing Lighting and Special Effects
* 3 unique fighters waiting for unlocking, when you passed all easy/normal/hard levels, Thunderbolt and Lightning will be available for play.
Simple game rule but it's surprisingly challenging. Enjoy to be a Star Fighter!

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Star Fighter 3001 ProStar Fighter 3001 ProStar Fighter 3001 ProStar Fighter 3001 Pro

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