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Army Commando Sniper 3D

Army Commando Sniper 3D

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.4
Developer: 3Dee Space | Size: 38.2MB | Updated:06-3
- Army Commando Sniper 3D
A shooting war intensifies between the militants of the Abadya Island and a lone commando elite sniper. Mike, the lone army sniper shooter takes out a terrorist by a head kill shot.
"Mike" says the pilot to the sniper assassin, "This isn't going to be a piece of cake, so take them out with your best sniper shot, you are the only gun shooter we could use help from as you are the most skilled shooter assassin we could think of. Go out there and prove that you are the still that sniper killer from the good old days".
Mike is an ex- army sniper assassin hired as a contract killer by a military agency which is known to hire modern sniper gunmen to embark on a commando adventure by taking out militants of the Abadya Island. Mike the sniper killer, descends on the ground from the helicopter and receives a go-ahead from the pilot to commence as a contract commando killer. Mike used to be a frontline commando leader in his old days of commando war fare. His combat killer sniper skills sharpened the most at that time. He reminisced about how he used to execute first time kill shot in his commando war days. He used to be the best gun shooter in his league, often known as the elite sniper. He throws away the cigarette, trudges as a lone army sniper shooter with his elite sniper gun. The glory days of being a frontline commando are long gone. Mike the sniper assassin is no longer the best gun shooter in his squad. He grimaces at his position as a contract killer, his overthrown shooting war glory days. His pride as a shooter assassin still shines bright though. That is the only reason why he thinks of this mission as a true commando adventure. His sniper shot skills are still razor sharp. The only thought that lingers now is filling his role as a combat killer sniper in the Abadya Island against the militants.
Mike the contract commando killer is your prime character in this one of sniper shooting games. He must banish his thoughts of his past position of being a frontline commando in his squad and focus on being the lone army sniper that he truly is. He must fulfill his duty as a contract killer and act as a true shooter assassin. You must help mike use the best sniper shot in his arsenal of attacks of his modern sniper gun. There is nothing left to lose for a lone commando in the Abadya Island, for his pride still burns bright as a combat killer sniper.
Key Features of Army Commando Sniper 3D
- 6 Levels of commando war fare action.
- Deadly gun with all modern sniper zoom in/out feature.
- Ultimate sniper killer action.
- Exciting shooting war environment.
- Take out your enemies with head first kill shot.
- Smooth 3D Graphics.
- Optimized Game play
Download Army Commando Sniper 3D to your collection of sniper shooting games and have fun being an awesome contract commando killer!!
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Army Commando Sniper 3DArmy Commando Sniper 3DArmy Commando Sniper 3DArmy Commando Sniper 3DArmy Commando Sniper 3D

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