Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.5
Developer: upjers GmbH | Size: 37MB | Updated:06-6
Hoist the sails and sharpen the cutlasses! The battle can begin! Embark on exciting raids with your fearless pirate crew in the tower defense game Monkey Bay. Your goal is simple: Become the most feared freebooter of the seas! Use amazing tycoon game features to design your own pirate island. Build special buildings such as a tavern and a cannonball forge. Have hefty cannonballs forged for your on-board cannon and hire your own corsair crew. The further you progress in the game, the more exotic the buccaneers you can recruit for your ship - from the Pistolera, a trigger-happy sharpshooter over thieving monkeys and wild gorillas to ferocious fist-fighters. Protect your island from enemy attacks and fortify your defensive structures. Fend off assaults with a variety of gun emplacements, crazy bomber chickens, and ravenous zombies. Use countless tower defense features to secure your pirate base. But as everyone knows, offense is the best defense and it’s not just about defending your base but also about battle. Launch raids on neighboring islands, destroy their buildings and loot glittering jewels, gold, and roast chicken stores with which you can feed your bungling buccaneers. Monkey Bay offers you an extraordinary blend of strategy game and tower defense elements. Countless customization and gameplay options, as well as tycoon game features include:
- Building diverse buildings and structures, including the tavern, cannonball forge, jewel mine and training camp
- Extensive fortifications and defenses, such as shooting towers, bomber chickens, zombie guts and various defensive structures
- Hiring a fearsome pirate crew with different types of combatants
- Spying on enemy islands and launching exciting raids with action-packed assaults
- Appealing and lovingly detailed graphics and animations
- Long-lasting gaming fun
Monkey Bay offers you unadulterated strategy game entertainment. Experience exciting pirate challenges on the go. Prove your skill as a freebooter captain, establish your island, create defensive fortifications, hire pirates, optimize your weaponry, and attack your foes! Let the strategy game fun begin! Arrrrr!
Monkey Bay – Your pirate adventure begins! Become a fearsome freebooter!

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Monkey BayMonkey BayMonkey BayMonkey Bay

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