Humans Lost

Humans Lost

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.1
Developer: FunKey Games | Size: 16.11MB | Updated:07-5
The Zombie Apocalypse.
You've read it before, played it in video games, watched countless movie's, but it happened and you are the sole survivor of a cataclysmic event that has wiped out humanity. The Dead, or now properly referred to as Undead now thrive.
You're either the luckiest person alive or the most unfortunate to have survived the outbreak. Are there others? You don't know, you must be brave and venture outside of your safe haven. Can you survive amongst the Undead?
Armed with a trusty survival blade and a large rucksack, its time to hit the road and find supplies, weapons and search for survivors. Keep and eye out for answers to this mayhem.
This is an epic action game of survival, combat, navigation and resource management and its just the beginning.
Play Now and Prepare your player for more intense action, more mutated zombies, upgrades and an even larger environment in future updates.
Now Run, Hunt, Gather, Build, Fight, and Survive!
Game Features:
• Its a Free Game! You simply can't beat that!
• Choose Any IN APP PURCHASE REMOVES Ad's entirely. Enjoy!
• Search for gear and supplies, food, keys, lock picks and much more.
• Build Medkits to maintain your health
• Search for supplies to build a Camp Shelter to recoup your vitality
• Build Explosive Bombs to clear the Zombie Horde
• Search or Buy weapons and maintain them properly or you will certainly be dead
• Acquire Ammo for your weapons to keep the Zombie Hordes at bay
• Incredible Cel shaded 3D Characters, Locations and Animations (more in future updates, play now!)
• Stunning 60 Frames per second (fps) for Super Smooth Gameplay
• Over 20 Unique Locations to Explore
• Rank and Skill based Game Pacing
• Seamless Auto Save Feature, You'll never lose your progress
• What you Earn, Find, Build or Buy, you Keep, even when you Die, only Game Rank and Progress is Reset
• Balanced for All Players, beginner to advanced. But, you're gonna Die!
Release Notes:
V. 1.0 -Earn Coins- Rewards are now available!
As Always, Thanks for Playing!

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Humans LostHumans LostHumans LostHumans LostHumans LostHumans Lost

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