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Plants VS. Monsters

Plants VS. Monsters

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.3
Developer: Farm game gago | Size: 10.5MB | Updated:07-18
The war drums monster zombie version you ready yet? Be brave to take up arms and entered wars! Please select the weapons available on the function menu, maneuvering the mercenary soldiers on the battlefield to prevent the army of zombies, ghost army attacked villages. The challenge has been improved through the game when leaders appear more equipped with modern weapons, combat marksmanship skills. Game Plants VS. Monsters is an extremely hard fought game that the player has to know the arena observer organizations logical tactic to win the final show; at the same time the team recruited mercenaries combative, matching tactics to protect their planet.
Come up to destroy these zombie monsters and protect the planet. Playing game and conquering Monsters!

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Plants VS. MonstersPlants VS. MonstersPlants VS. Monsters

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