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Time Adventure.

Time Adventure.

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 0.6
Developer: Wright Flyer Studios, Inc. | Size: 31MB | Updated:09-22
【please note】
※ This is a paid version that has cut the ad.
※ There is no data takeover from the free version. Please note.
And manipulating the [time, I'll lead the Imuta! New sense of 2D action puzzle]
Alien-Imuta the forest was investigating the planet "Sua".
But it has become not know the location of the crazy spacecraft to study.
Imuta and by chance met you who are in trouble with get lost,
It is ask and I want you to lead to spacecraft from Imuta.
"Imuta very poor
Time manipulate "controller" dregs "
Imuta Anzen'ni lead "
It borrowed from Imuta, manipulate the time using the "time controller",
Imuta you'll safely led to the spacecraft!
And time are manipulating leads to Imuta, Aim a goal!
You can time the back allowed to flow back through the Taki, you can grow the mushrooms to accelerate the time ......
Let's take advantage of the mechanism of the stage!
* You may or collide with the enemy or fall into the hole, let careful not to clear failure!

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Time Adventure.Time Adventure.Time Adventure.Time Adventure.Time Adventure.

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