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Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter

Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.01
Developer: Fortuna Lion | Size: 38.9MB | Updated:10-26
Would you like to visit the moon or other planets? as guinea pigs? lol!
The Wild West is under alien attack from Dark Space! Blast the army of cow-snatching UFOs out of the western sky. Wanted cool gunslinger! Maybe you are the space COWBOY who can save the Wild West before it's too late! Fight the UFO invasion as cowboy legend Johnny Wrangler, before the space aliens succeed with their dastardly plan! Shoot down UFOs, it's dangerous but fun! YeeHaa! Move your space guns! Bang, bang!
● Crazy and funny endless UFO shooter
● SHOOT, SHOOT & SHOOT space UFOs: this is a real cowboy shooting game with cool guns!
● 20 types of guns for real Cowboys (including alien's super guns):
- default set: revolver, winchester, shotgun, Gattling gun,
- golden set of cowboys guns
- laser set,
- plasma set,
- unique alien's space guns
● Western style and cowboy atmosphere
● Personalized western characters and funny animations of farm animals
● The big world of the Wild West around Hobble Hill future Roswell.LOL! (about 20 western towns, villages and forts)
● 8 space UFOs (enemies) with unique behaviors and characteristics (including the boss alien Mothership):
- Soldier UFO,
- Spotter UFO,
- Destroyer UFO,
- Stealth UFO,
- Fighter UFO,
- Hunter UFO,
- Carrier UFO
- aaand ... Mothership UFO!
● 32 cowboy achievements
● 14 farm animals (shield for cowboy Johnny Wrangler)
● 6 locations (including alien planet in the Dark Space)
● 7 upgrades for Toby the horse (alien technology for supersonic Toby) to increase speed of your crazy western riding
● 5 breeds of Toby the cowboy's horse
● 7 breeds of the cowboy's dog
● collection of 8 funny cowboy's and alien's hats
Also the game has a localization on 7 languages (including alien language).
Wanted a cool space cowboys! Help cowboy legend Johnny Wrangler shoot down the alien UFO invasion and save the Wild West town of Hobble Hill (Roswell in the future)
Play this endless UFO cowboys game and alien shooter now! Ride your way through the rugged cowboys frontier towns of the Wild West, and earn more and more gold coins. Conquering the invading army of UFOs requires a quick trigger finger and some serious firepower. Shoot quickly but accurately! Bang, bang! Stock up on cowboys and alien guns and blow those space UFOs out of the sky before their powerful Vortex Tractor Beams snatch all of Johnny's farm animals right from under his nose. It is your 51 area!
● Challenge Yourself:
Fight the space invaders as cowboy hero Johnny Wrangler and save the Wild West in this amazing endless alien shooter.
● Saddle Up and Pick a Gun:
Ride and shoot your way to higher scores and collect loads of gold coins!
● Ride Into the Wild West Saloon:
Boost Johnny's alien-killing abilities - choose from: Seven amazing backgrounds, twenty cowboys guns including alien laser guns, eight cool hats, five crazy western horses, the HYPERSONIC horse - increases speeds up to 100%, eight types of dogs, and fifteen types of farm-animal lives.
● Test Your cowboy Skills and Reach the space alien Mothership. Bang!
Stop the alien invasion and defend the Wild West - reach the space Mothership UFO and really test your alien-killer skills.
● Play and unlock game achievements and battle your friends on the online leaderboard. Who is the Best alien shooter?

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 Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter Cowboys vs UFO: Alien shooter

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