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Mad Bunny 2: Apocalypse

Mad Bunny 2: Apocalypse

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.3
Developer: Banana4apps | Size: 56.7MB | Updated:11-5
Invasion of mad evil bunny monsters has led to the APOCALYPSE! Blow up even more dangerous and more bloodthirsty crazy creatures! The horde of insane mutant bunnies attacks the village to kill and eat all the residents! Stay alive in apocalypse to protect and save them! Explode every crazy rabbit on Earth!
- More psycho insane zombie rabbits to blow up, more cannon fodder - real apocalypse!
- Featuring the rabbit bosses, heralds of apocalypse!
- Meet your partner! Now you have your hardcore granddaughter with a mini-gun!
- Super cannon shot blows up all the rabbits around!
- Weather changes and influences the gameplay! Tornados, asteroids and lightings appear and kill undead psycho rabbits
- Apocalypse becomes visible! Battle consequences change the map!
This time you have a partner: your hardcore granddaughter helps you with her mini-gun! You still got your old cool WW2 cannon but with the super shot feature killing every zombie rabbit around! But the enemy doesn't sleep: zombie rabbits have brought their evil bosses - heralds of apocalypse invincible for your super shots!
Collect coins from blown up creatures and upgrade cannon's characteristics: increase damage, radius of explosions and shooting speed! Increase the population of residents to survive longer! Don't let the bloody bunny monsters to cross the bridge! If they do and you didn't make it, everyone will be eaten alive and the village will burn to ashes! You are the last human hope in this complicated alien rabbit situation!
1. Hold the front and fight back as long as it is possible, shoot the mad bunny horde and don't let them eat all the people in the village.
2. The game stops when there's no survivors left alive in the village.
3. Earn and collect coins for destroyed bloodthirsty rabbit species and spend them on upgrades for your cannon and for increasing the village population.
4. Get achievements and share online the time results of holding the village front.

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Mad Bunny 2: ApocalypseMad Bunny 2: ApocalypseMad Bunny 2: Apocalypse

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