I am a Hero

I am a Hero

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Useless | Size: 34.1MB | Updated:12-9
Exciting action-RPG game with a multiplayer mode.
Simple controls:
- Third person view.
- You control your hero directly, and the outcome of the battle depends only on you.
- Use rolls, combos, heavy attacks and create your own unique battle strategy!
Single-player and multiplayer modes:
- Go through the tasks in the single-player game or compete with other players online.
- Try yourself in different game modes: deathmatch, team play and others.
- Participate in the ranking of the best warriors and become a Hero!
Look who's here:
- Various characters - humans, goblins, skeletons and other adorable creatures.
- Study the characteristics of all the heroes and make the right choice!
- Unlock new characters with each new level.
Long and shiny blades:
- Dozens of different weapons: swords, axes, clubs, and more.
- Each weapon has its own unique characteristics.
- You can change your weapon directly during battle.
The right tool for the right job:
- Numerous game items - helmets, shields, rings and other.
- Assemble your own set of gear to defeat even the strongest opponents!

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I am a HeroI am a HeroI am a HeroI am a HeroI am a Hero

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