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Action of Mayday: Pet Heroes

Action of Mayday: Pet Heroes

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Toccata Technologies Inc. | Size: 69.2MB | Updated:12-18
In 2030, an unknown force invents a Bio-Chemical Warfare and attacks the Earth. The weapon spreads a virus that can mutate human's genes. Most of humans turn to zombies. The entire civilization is at stake.
However, the virus no only does not have same affect to our adorable pets but also makes them much smarter. They take the weapons left by their owners and go on the missions to hunt down zombies. They are the only hope left to save the world!
Pet Heroes is a game bought to you by the team behind the popular Action of Mayday FPS games. It is made special for the FPS fans and players like you that enjoy the games such as Call of Duty, Contract Killer, Kill Shot, and Dead Trigger.
Amazing 3D Graphics
We craft the most beautiful next-generation game themes for you to be fully immersed. The pets and enemies are well designed with their own appearance and characters. We design the fluid 2D and 3D user interface so that it is the most nature to use and easiest to navigate game among the mobile First Person Shoot games.
Awesome Game Plays
* The in-game camera is designed in the Third Person Shooter view. You can take two squad mates to complete a mission. There are many different types of enemies with different skills and abilities to make the missions interesting and challenging.
* You can collect/upgrade/advance 8 different squad mates from your favorites type of pets - dogs, cats, and rabbits
* You can also collect Armors to make your character look cooler and have more power.
Multiple Game Modes and Innovative Level Design
* You play the Campaign mode to unlock the Dungeon mode and collect the soul stones to advance your weapons and squad mates. You play the Dungeon mode to earn much bigger rewards for you to advance in the Campaign mode.
* There are 80 normal stages plus 80 elite stages in addition to 8 Dungeon stages for you to explore. You can play different mission types such as Sniper, Raid, Defense and Support.
Many Cool Weapons to Collect and Upgrade
* Collect and upgrade/advance over 30 world-famous weapons including assault rifles, shot guns, sniper rifles such as AK-47, M16, Frostwolf and RPD as well as our own designed Sci-Fi guns.
* You can not only upgrade a weapon to increase its power but also collect weapon soul stones to advance weapon for much bigger power boost.
* We create a unique Trophy system. The more weapons you collect, the more squad mates you own, the more powerful your team will become.
And much more
* We have the best special effects, the Slow Motion Bullet Time technology and thrilling headshot effect.
* We provide 4 different types of innovative Props (Power-ups) in the game to assist you for very tough missions - Slow Motion, RPG, Auto Target and Drone.
* A global Leaderboard is integrated with to Google Play Game Services.
Now - what are you waiting for?

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Action of Mayday: Pet HeroesAction of Mayday: Pet HeroesAction of Mayday: Pet HeroesAction of Mayday: Pet HeroesAction of Mayday: Pet Heroes

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