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Game Changer

Game Changer

Category: Android Games / Action Games | Version: 1.5
Developer: DADIU | Size: 99.4MB | Updated:12-18
Presented as a wacky television game show, Game Changer throws its eager contestants onto a short, but ever-changing obstacle course. Before each run, contestants will spin the official Wheel of Change and receive a random modification to the course. Whether it's hurricanes, robots, crazy gnomes or even exploding penguins, a wide variety of surprising and entertaining game changers ensure that no two runs are ever the same!
Game Changer is a DADIU 2015 production.
Credits In alphabetical order:
Art Director: Joachim Brüel Gerber
Lead Programmer: Andrei Vlad Constantin
Programmer: Richard Cupit
Game Director: Lowe Haak
Animator: Desirée Hälinen
Pipeline Programmer: Mathias Jensen
Programmer: Jákup Klein
Project Manager: Peter Skov Klitgaard Madsen
QA/UX Manager: Nicolaj Stuart Lykkegaard
Programmer: Kristian Moesgaard
Audio Designer: Henrik Dahl Nielsen
QA Programmer: Jacob Nygaard
Lead QA/UX Manager: Philip Hundevad Nymann
CG Artist: Stig Bødtker Petersen
Game Designer: Henrik Ravn
Level Designer: Andreas Møller Thomsen
CG Artist: Christina Lærke Wiberg
QA/UX Manager: Jens Beyer Østergaard

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Game ChangerGame ChangerGame ChangerGame ChangerGame Changer

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