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Song of Pan OLD

Song of Pan OLD

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.18
Developer: Thumbspire | Size: 12.5MB | Updated:07-4
Come along on an Epic adventure through the slopes of Mount Olympus.
In this puzzle platformer, you play the role of Pan, a young satyr who must recover Zeus' flock of sheep through the use of his enchanting flute. Use strategy to collect music notes that will activate your flute. Solve complex puzzles to make a safe pathway for the sheep. Choose your steps wisely as you navigate through groves, rocks, ruins & cliffs and herd the sheep to safety.
On this journey, there are many trials and tribulations you will encounter. What rewards will you reap as the result of your accomplishment? The Gods may have a bigger plan in store for you, Pan.
Song of Pan features:
- Simple Controls
- Ingenious Puzzles
- Magical soundscapes featuring original music
- Captivating graphics and landscapes
Song of Pan is free from ads and can be played at no cost. A premium upgrade is available that will enable the ability to save the game's progress, this can be done through a one-time in-app purchase.

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Song of Pan OLDSong of Pan OLDSong of Pan OLDSong of Pan OLDSong of Pan OLDSong of Pan OLD

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