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StoneBack Prehistory

StoneBack Prehistory

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version:
Developer: BUG-Studio | Size: 10.8MB | Updated:07-15
### In this version of the game there is advertising, as well as a recipe book available ###
Plunge into the prehistoric world of adventures and dangers!
It is not so easy to survive in this world, try to follow some points:
◄ World of StoneBack ►
The world in StoneBack which are completely accidentally generated and infinite in all directions. Walk on it how many you will want.
◄ Food ►
First of all, take care of livelihood. Only one rule - "Either you, or you" works in this severe world. Be always ready to new hunting.
◄ Dinosaurs ►
In this world, you not one therefore be careful. Some dinosaurs will not touch you, some will protect the nests from you, and on some you will be able to ride. But anyway, be careful.
◄ Night ►
At night rather darkly and terribly therefore be stocked by a torch to worry the first night. But night is not so bad as it seems. Try to steal at night eggs from a nest while dinosaurs sleep, suddenly it will turn out?
◄ Creation of objects ►
In the prehistoric world all tools for hunting did samoruchno. And you, naturally, not an exception. You should collect objects further to create from them tools necessary to you.
But do not forget that various tools, have a capability to break, have it in view of.
◄ Quests ►
In this spacious world, you will have an opportunity to meet wanderers who will be able to give you tasks.
And to carry out them or not, already completely your decision. But for accomplishment of their order, you will be encouraged with an award.

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StoneBack PrehistoryStoneBack PrehistoryStoneBack PrehistoryStoneBack PrehistoryStoneBack PrehistoryStoneBack Prehistory

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