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Vulture Island

Vulture Island

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.00.1
Developer: Donut Games | Size: 21MB | Updated:09-22
* Pocket Gamer Gold Award
* #1 Hot Game, TouchArcade, Sep 2016
Benjamin has built a spectacular flying machine to take him and his friends around the world.
During one of the first flight sessions something goes wrong. The youngsters have no choice but to parachute themselves to safety.
After an exhausting swim Alex, Paul and Stella end up on a distant island. Barehanded and with no trace of Benjamin.
* Explore the island
* Interact with characters
* Collect and use items
* Battle enemies & bosses
* Solve puzzles

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Vulture IslandVulture IslandVulture IslandVulture IslandVulture Island

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