Insomnia 2

Insomnia 2

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 2.1
Developer: Acuario Games | Size: 22.47MB | Updated:12-31
Year 1946. Still unable to sleep and wake up in your worst nightmares.
Insomnia, struggle to survive in your own mind. All your nightmares will come true, whose means of surviving the horror is finding the medicines necessary to avoid distress, stress and madness. Make utensils or combine different objects, thus allowing you to advance in the search for an exit.
Continue the story through using as a frame the end of World War II. Feel the fear and terror of the Nazi holocaust with a horror game set in post-apocalyptic settings. You will enter into the depths of fear and death after the war and the spirits that remained there.
Avoid falling into the madness with medicines that you will find throughout the tour. Siermpre you can access the store to obtain more of these medicines.
Find objects all over the stage, do not stop searching, there is always some hidden object that will allow you to progress and thus awaken from such horror. Terror invades rooms and corridors without knowing what you can find behind every door.
Choose languages ​​between Spanish, English or Portuguese.
Save the games at any time.
Choose HD or normal viewing mode for your terminal performance.
If you play Online you get 20% more energy duration.
-Use the gas mask when you see a sign. You will avoid death!
-You can save the progress at any time and recover them in any way. Avoid saving games if you are under stress and do not keep medicines to recover.
-Have use of objects with head, especially those that you can spend and that cost to replenish, like piles or alcohol.
-Registrates every corner, both in the light and in the dark, you may find objects necersarios that can help you in history.
- Note that there are flashing objects with which you can interact, there may be other objects that do not blink but may interminate.

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Insomnia 2Insomnia 2Insomnia 2Insomnia 2

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