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Anime Manga Robot Tokyo

Anime Manga Robot Tokyo

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Cheese Hole Games | Size: 24.16MB | Updated:04-13
Anime Manga Robot in Tokyo
You are the person of trust of the Japanese government, trained to stop the robot attack in Tokyo. Race against the violent robots in this anime manga game!
We are becoming more and more dependent on machines to function in the modern world. We are followed by satellites and cameras and spied through our phones and the Internet. We are not truly conscious on how we relied on technology and robotics.
In order to investigate criminality, the Japanese Government has run a dangerous experiment using high quality, top-notch robots to simulate human behaviour. These highly secret experiments are runned by the intelligence services who decided to introduce them in the Everyday life in the city of Tokyo... At first, the robots start mixing with the people and interacting with them but something went wrong: Some of them have develop an antisocial behaviour and they are trying to kill people!
You are a skilled soldier of the intelligence service, trained to stop the robots in case something went wrong in the Tokyo experiment. You are the only one who knows how to deplete their robot forces: There is a way to disconnect them but first you have to reach the Central Station of the Intelligence Services. There you will find the Control Panel to disconnect every failed robot.
You now know what is going on. Race against the robots before the total chaos in this anime manga games!
-> An infinite race against dangerous and highly trained robots
-> Wide variety of enemies
-> Survival race game
-> Incredible anime manga graphics game: You have four different heroes to choose and each one with unique racing skills!
-> Tokyo as main scene
Start one of this amazing races to save humanity! The future is in your hands!
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Anime Manga Robot TokyoAnime Manga Robot TokyoAnime Manga Robot Tokyo

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