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The Secret of Castel Lupo

The Secret of Castel Lupo

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: 3x1010 s.r.l. | Size: 31.3MB | Updated:06-3
Please note that this is the full version of The Secret of Castel Lupo: if you are not sure about buying it, try the lite version first, it allows you to play 20% of the full adventure (on Google Play look for "The Secret of Castel Lupo Lite").
If you enjoy the lite version and want to know how the adventure ends, return here and get the full version.
The Secret of Castel Lupo is an interactive book where the characters' destiny is in the readers' hands.
Simon and Violet Weird , two brave twins, have just found out they are descendants of a mad alchemist's who lived in 1500. They also discover that they have inherited n old castle in the heart of the Alps.
What bloodcurdling secret is hidden in the basement of this decayed mansion?
Follow the main characters through rooms inside Castel Lupo; make your own choices about how to progress the adventure; use the objects you find to help solve the riddles; interact with the other characters until you can solve the final mystery.
This will be an unforgettable holiday for twins Simon and Violet as they try to outwit or outrun nasty knights, plasticine monsters, hundred year old mummies and devilish gardeners.
The main educational purpose of this collection of interactive books is to get young children interested in reading through play.
Our apps combine old traditional children's stories with elements of modern video games.
The Secret of Castel Lupo helps develop the readers'/players' powers of reasoning and thinking. These skills are necessary to solve the interactive riddles to get to the end of the story/game.
Although our app is targeted at very young users (8+), we are confident that adults will also enjoy it. Adults, don't panic if you can't complete a puzzle. We believe your children will be more than willing (and able) to help you find the best strategy to help you progress the story!
1 amazing interactive book about a breath taking adventure
2 brave twins feature in this thrilling and fun story
12 wierd and wonderful characters to interact with in the course of the story
35 rooms full of crazy puzzles and lethal traps

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The Secret of Castel LupoThe Secret of Castel LupoThe Secret of Castel LupoThe Secret of Castel LupoThe Secret of Castel Lupo

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