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Still Here (Unreleased)

Still Here (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 0.06.21
Developer: StillHere | Size: 68.78MB | Updated:06-12
An Innocent Exploration Game that feels like a relaxing morning stroll, it’s a 2D flight game set in beautiful dystopian world with lots of secrets for you to uncover.
Players control curious little creatures called ‘Pip’ that visit places of natural beauty while helping and befriending artificial life. Set in a dystopian future on our earth: Could the Pips uncover what happened and why there seem to be no humans around?
* Relaxing tap-to fly gameplay
* 2 Playable characters - more incoming -
* 8 beautiful locations - more incoming -
* Multiple challenging Quests per location
* Uncover the mysteries of this dystopian world
* Snap some shots and save as an image on your device

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Still Here (Unreleased)Still Here (Unreleased)Still Here (Unreleased)Still Here (Unreleased)Still Here (Unreleased)

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