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Fiete Cars - Free Kids Racing Game

Fiete Cars - Free Kids Racing Game

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Ahoiii Entertainment | Size: 71.5MB | Updated:07-8
Kids App Fiete Cars is made for creative kids 5 years old and up. In this app kids can build their own car routes. They decide what will happen. Everything is possible, even crazy stunts with the police car or relaxed rides on the horse.
To create individual car games, the children choose between 6 drivers, 20 vehicles, 25 funny building components and lots of special effects, like the farting cushions or speed ramps.
Now NEW: 2 preconstructed car routes to experience immediate driving fun
Build your own world of cars and play in it in whichever way you like!
In Fiete Cars you are the master builder. You can build straight, curvy, dilapidated, bumpy or muddy roads.
Jump over obstacles using the whoopee cushion, crash-land on the speed ramp and use the ski jumps to do breathtaking somersaults into the swimming pool.
Collect stars to unlock all of the building blocks and vehicles inside of the app.
Learn how to combine the building blocks and build huge buildings with elevators and secret portals.
Get into a fast sports-car, an 18-wheeler truck or the unstoppable monster truck and imagine high-speed chases.
Drive the excavator with Grandma Lara, ride in an iconic antique with old Hansen, or in the chick pick-up with your Fiete friend Emma.
And if it's just one PS - catch Dolly the horse and gallop through the parking garage you built.
With the kids app Fiete Cars you can invent stories, build customized parkour and decide whether you want to do high-speed stunts, adventurous chases or leisurely drives.
Fiete Cars is a tribute to kids' creativity!
20 vehicles to choose from
6 different drivers
25 exciting building blocks & special effects
Race car
Police car
Monster truck
... And many more
Grandpa Hansen
Grandma Lara
Logical thinking
Media literacy
Role playing
Free play
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Fiete Cars - Free Kids Racing GameFiete Cars - Free Kids Racing GameFiete Cars - Free Kids Racing GameFiete Cars - Free Kids Racing GameFiete Cars - Free Kids Racing Game

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