Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.0.4
Developer: HeroCraft Ltd. | Size: 79.35MB | Updated:10-7
Runaround is a dynamic platformer in which the boy James enters the magical world, and now must run, fight with enemies, overcome obstacles and solve complex puzzles to return home.
Once, while reading a book in his "secret room", in the attic, James is suddenly transferred to another world full of dangerous adventures. From now on he has to find a way out and come back. His path will run through many places full of mummies, skeletons, lasers, acid baths and other deadly obstructions.
Traps, obstacles, enemies and complex puzzles - we must try and use the entire arsenal and skills of the hero. We'll have to learn how to jump, swim, swing on chains, teleport, and even slow down at a difficult time. And to help the hero in this will be his faithful dagger, with which he can descend the walls, as well as a hook-cat, which will help to overcome the abysses and canyons.
And James has the opportunity to change clothes and change the image with the help of various costumes for the character, among them there is a hired killer, adventurer, pharaoh, and even a pupil of the School of Sorcery and Magic with glasses!
- Beautiful and stylish 3D-graphics;
- Decisions have to be made quickly and on the run;
- Original types of jumps;
- Excellent physics of characters and objects;
- Bright and smooth animation;
- Simple management and emphasis on reaction.
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