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Christmas pixel platformer

Christmas pixel platformer

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.0.8
Developer: EHTechnology | Size: 23.6MB | Updated:11-22
On the eve of a big holiday, the Christmas was in danger. The dash evil monster kidnapped Santa and enchanted all his helpers. Only you can save them!
In this adventure you are waiting for 15 exciting levels with an exciting storyline in action platformer. Bright retro games 8bit graphics and pixel characters. You have to go all the way from home to the ice palace. Mountains of ice, lava rivers and bewitched creatures trying to destroy you. Do you have enough courage to resist them?
Your goal is to destroy all enchanted creatures for the benefit of your favorite holiday. You have to fight a lot of evil toys and bosses. A huge monkey, a quick eagle and a lot of knives. Dodge and fight back! Only the strongest will stand in retro old games.
At the Easy level of the game, you have the most powerful weapon - a blaster with confetti. Jump to platform, accumulate energy, collect invisibility bonuses and destroy all villains on the way! Use jetpak, destroy enemies, collect crystals and do not forget about checkpoints.
At the Hard level of the game you have more types of weapons, a laser, a wave projectile. But there are no checkpoints and jetpak. Also the weapon has a return that pushes you back.
Santa believes that it is you, his last helper, who will save the Christmas.
We propose to plunge into the Christmas atmosphere on the eve of this bright holiday.
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Christmas pixel platformerChristmas pixel platformer
Christmas pixel platformerChristmas pixel platformerChristmas pixel platformerChristmas pixel platformerChristmas pixel platformer

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