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Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)

Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.3.7
Developer: Niila | Size: 53.88MB | Updated:11-22
GURU GLOO is a small and poetic game about climbing and finding meaning in existence.
As a child Gloo was always told that climbing is a pointless and meaningless endeavour, but now in his later years he has come to terms with who he is and so he climbs once again.
Embark on a last adventure with Gloo to learn about climbing and what it means to find your own path in life. Together with Gloo you go on a journey that takes you from the confines of a climbing gym out into lustrous mountains and lastly into the endless skies.
GURU GLOO is inspired by the old and steals from the new. It is inspired by games such as MegaMan 2, Leo's Fortune, Monument Valley, BADLAND, Shovel Knight and The Stanley Parable.
GURU GLOO is the first title from Copenhagen-based indie studio Niila Games, a team of ambitious youngsters looking to make their mark in the landscape of games.
* An easy to learn, challenging to master swinging mechanic
* Soothing electronic music by danish musician Pearlcorder
* Retro 16-bit pixel art style
* Physics-based gameplay
Also features:
* Three unique environments: a climbing gym, lustrous mountains and the endless sky.
* All handcrafted levels with secret areas and hidden faces
* Multiple paths and challenges for speedrunning
* Collectable hearts for the achievers
* An array of moods for our main characters
* Cultural references en masse
Guru Gloo merges immersive action with puzzle solving through simple, yet challenging gameplay. The fine-tuned balance between the need for speed and the need for thought gives a challenging adventure which is not for the faint of heart. When you play the game you can climb everywhere while uncovering secret areas and hidden truths. Levels provide multiple paths to completion and players that like to speedrun will have a good time finding the optimal way to rush through each level. Can you beat the full completion record time of 13:37?
Gloo is a small blue explorer who travels through stunning environments by swinging from one obstacle to another. When reaching new areas Gloo changes colour and mood. When collecting hearts, Gloo gets enhanced energy that helps him in his climbing endeavours.
GURU GLOO takes platformers to another level with its innovative physics-based gameplay combined with stunning, atmospheric art and chill audio. The aesthetics of the game makes sure what could have been a grueling and difficult road to travel instead becomes a relaxing and zen-like experience.
GURU GLOO is an old school action adventure game about climbing to the edge of the world. It is a game that combines action with puzzle through simple, yet challenging swing gameplay. Go on an existential journey from the confines of a climbing gym to the lustrous mountains and finally into the endless skies.

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Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)Guru Gloo: Adventure Climb (Unreleased)

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