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Caves n' Chasms

Caves n' Chasms

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Chronicle Games | Size: 36.2MB | Updated:05-10
Dig deep into hidden caves. Explore forgotten civilizations. Mine your way through blocks. Defeat forgotten monsters. Find the lost treasures. Craft clever traps. Caves n' Chasms is the perfect blend of exploration, puzzling and RPG - an underground hit!
Your mining adventure starts when a mysterious spirit traps you underground. But life is about to get exciting - there's a world deep beneath the surface! Dirt, rock and stone are no barrier to your drill in over 30 lovingly crafted levels.
== Features ==
► Dig out the blocks to find treasure
► Use clever traps and tools!
► Avoid falling blocks and explosions
► Quarry through ancient caverns
► Explore buried Egypt, sunken Atlantis and more!
► Craft new items and power up with rare resources
Our players love digging puns! Here's some of their feedback:
Amongst the rubble of games out there this one hammers it home. Anybody who has an interest in exploration and treasure hunting should have their interest spiked by this. - brothamannp11911
I get excited about games like this - a strong puzzle element (for those of us who like to use our brains!) and great graphics too AND digging? Where do I sign up?! - haewyre99
This looks wonderful, almost like something Disney would make. I don't normally get into digging games, but I'm really digging this. Sorry. - Based Xatu

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Caves n' ChasmsCaves n' ChasmsCaves n' ChasmsCaves n' ChasmsCaves n' Chasms

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