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Cthulhu v Santa Claus

Cthulhu v Santa Claus

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Dagon Studios | Size: 19.1MB | Updated:06-8
The war on Christmas like never seen before!
Live the adventures of Baby Elder God Cthulhu trying to get his presents from Santa Claus! Avoid those treacherous elves and their jolly arsenal, chasing Santa across the Earth (and beyond) to claim the ultimate prize: eternal glory and presents! It is mostly about the presents, though.
- Play as Baby Elder God Cthulhu like never seen before!
- Die lots!
- Run across the world and visit places like Africa and Rio de Janeiro!
- An iOS that features no birds at all!
- Die more!
- Explore the mysterious old school controller and unravel it's wonders.
- Go to the Costume Chest and unlock many other games as Cthulhu dresses up as his favourite heroes!

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Cthulhu v Santa ClausCthulhu v Santa ClausCthulhu v Santa Claus

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