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A Tale of Survival

A Tale of Survival

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.1.83
Developer: Dynamic Zero | Size: 25.23MB | Updated:07-16
A Tale of Survival (ATOS) is open world survival based RPG. The game features a completely randomly generated open world to explore, crafting, survival based game play and resource gathering. Stranded and alone you must harvest the materials from the land around you to survive!
Features -
* Randomly generated, unique open world to explore
* Craft weapons, clothing and tools
* Dungeons to discover and explore
* Lots of enemy variety!
* Permanent death
* Fight deadly monsters
* Manage your hunger and warmth to stay alive
* Original soundtrack - Credits to our composer - http://www.allhandsburythedead.co.uk/
* Fishing, mining and lots more..
A Tale of Survival is constantly being updated with new features, optimizations and game-play elements. Do you have an idea for the game? Send it to us using the email bellow!
Latest version - 1.1.96 -
- Version 1.1.96 (24-5-15) -
• Fixed bug with cooking put placement sometimes causing an error
• Improved resource placement
• Fixed speech bubble stutter
• Fixed bug with water creatures following
• NPCS now have unique water walking speeds
• Crafting vial now requires sand and a furnace
• Potions now require a vial to craft instead of sand
• Increased standard world size 75%

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A Tale of SurvivalA Tale of SurvivalA Tale of SurvivalA Tale of Survival

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