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The Doom Beneath

The Doom Beneath

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.2.1
Developer: Robot Monster Productions | Size: 47MB | Updated:10-2
The Doom Beneath is a game-based graphic novel telling the story of a lone geologist who stumbles over a terrible secret deep underground. The gamebook offers a new twist on the choose-your-own-adventure style of storytelling, adding turn-based combat and role-playing game elements. With pulpy narration, dark humor, and hand-illustrated graphics, The Doom Beneath collides interactive fiction with adventure-horror, then adds a smooth layer of action on top.
-Fully-narrated turn-based combat against the horrors of the dark
-Health, weapons, and consumable items: gamebook meets action RPG
-A checkpoint-based save system
-Challenge pages that test your skills against unspeakable trials
-Achievements for uncovering new storylines
-Audio layering for maximum ambience
-Drastically different themes -- choose between good, evil, riches, fame, love, and even ... destruction
The gamebook begins by having players choose three of six possible skills. Each skill offers additional choices, challenge bonuses, and special combat options as players progress through the game. Survival may come from brute force, finding the right artifact, or discovering a trustworthy soul. Each decision yields untold rewards and consequences as they traverse the horrors beneath the earth's surface.
The Doom Beneath is a collaboration by three independent artists and an attempt to push the boundaries of the gamebook genre in the digital age.

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The Doom BeneathThe Doom BeneathThe Doom BeneathThe Doom Beneath

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