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Stranded: A Mars Adventure

Stranded: A Mars Adventure

Category: Android Games / Adventure Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Deep Silver | Size: 59.4MB | Updated:12-9
[Flying to Mars is a piece of cake... but returning back to Earth, that's where things get tricky! Help the stranded astronaut to find a way back home in this delightful side-scrolling skill game for your smartphone and tablet! ]
# # # STRANDED ON MARS # # #
When his space ship crash-lands on the red planet, our little astronaut has to run, slide, jump and summersault every which way around Mars in search of much-needed oxygen bottles and the shattered components of his space craft. Using the new environment's lack of gravity to his advantage, our jetpack-powered hero breaks his way through all kinds of stumbling blocks, hurdles and other obstacles to courageously keep his chance at making a return flight.
With its carefully crafted 2D graphics and charming retro appeal, Stranded - A Mars Adventure brings back fond memories of the golden age of penny arcade and oldschool consoles. Combining the addictive mechanics of an autorunner with the challenging level design of a platformer, this fun and diverting pixel fest blends two popular game forms into an all-new gaming experience custom-tailored to mobile devices! Quick-to-learn, tough-to-master and impossible-to-put-aside!
* Unique arcade gameplay combining the most addictive elements of autorunners & 2D platformers
* Charming pixel graphics with delightful retro appeal & tons of enjoyable details
* 40 cleverly designed levels spanning across 5 different terrains (Crater Site, Cave, Crystal, Space Station & Surface)
* Spot-on touch controls for a perfectly smooth gaming experience
* Lots of power-ups & customization options
* Async multiplayer including ghost races & Facebook friend challenges
* Star-based performance ratings & challenging Google Play achievements
The app contains in-app purchases. If you don't want to use them, you may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.
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Stranded: A Mars AdventureStranded: A Mars AdventureStranded: A Mars AdventureStranded: A Mars AdventureStranded: A Mars Adventure

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