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Ninja Madness

Ninja Madness

Category: Android Games / Arcade Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Craneballs | Size: 23.1MB | Updated:05-17
Jump, climb, roll over, throw shurikens, battle big samurai bosses. Be a ninja!
Begin your ninja training today to unlock supernatural abilities. Nerves of steel, cat-like reflexes, split-second reactions, unstoppable concentration, that is the ancient art of ninjutsu.
Mastering the true way of the ninja is extremely challenging. Madness awaits for those who stray from the true path of the ninja. Avoid it at all costs!
70 levels of ninja madness!
Pumped up ninja music!
Shurikens, ninjas and traps!
Easy at first. Ninja-hard soon enough!
Extra tough ninja boss fights!
Show your dedication and become the legend among ninjas. Let them tell stories about your excellence and your enemies shiver when your name is whispered in the shadows. Ninja Madness awaits!

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Ninja MadnessNinja MadnessNinja MadnessNinja MadnessNinja Madness

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